Andrews&Lynch create work investigating the interface between cinematic experiments & scientific phenomena.

Each project combines digital technologies with obsolete techniques to research and communicate a specific idea.

As part of our process we collaborate with a wide range of experts from diverse fields of science, performance and academia.


20/3/13 – We are currently in the process of designing the site, while we do this please look at our initial project in collaboration with University of Leeds Chemical Physics group and composer Jon Hughes:

PHASE REVIVAL:AN OPTICAL HARMONICA is a hypnotic, kinetic installation using swinging pendulums, lenses and light to explore the effects of phase and oscillation.

Transfixing patterns reveal themselves as time elapses, showing layer upon layer of detail within the confines of a beautifully simple structure, accompanied by an exquisite, mathematically-devised score by Jon Hughes.

Based upon the scientific principles of quantum mechanics and “ultrafast spectroscopy” (the study of molecules responding to pulses of light a millionth of a billionth of a second long), this installation is an astonishing fusion of art and science, from some of the most exciting creative practitioners in the field.

Created by Andrews&Lynch with support from the Royal Society of Chemistry and DARE. Produced in collaboration with Jon Hughes, Dr Mike Nix and Prof Benjamin Whitaker, School of Chemistry, University of Leeds.


“Hypnotic – sometimes almost anthropomorphic. Beautiful reflections and refractions. Fantastic”

“Beautifully simple and complex at the same time. Immersive and organic. One of the best expanded/paracinematic works I’ve seen”


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